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We help business owners and leaders build core technological competencies to take their businesses forward.

About us {

In a world that is rapidly embracing digital execution, your organisation might find that the connected world is now dominating your business instead of just being a part of it. From real-time customer interaction to tracking delivery of products and services in a time-competitive market, human lives are more and more dependent on smart devices and apps.

The problem? Technology may not be a core competency or one of the main focuses in your business, but you still need to execute and innovate with the very best to remain competitive.

Basrus gives you the capability to leverage new technological possibilities without the need to build an entire in-house tech team. We analyse existing challenges and opportunities and translate them into a progressive, tech-enabled roadmap accompanied by design, planning, and execution for your company.

We can also advise on best practices for managing your internal and external technology resources – ensuring the highest levels of productivity and protection of your intellectual property – and source permanent and contract resources for each phase of your project.


What we do {

Project based development

Choosing project-based development allows you to bring in the skills required to meet your project goals while maintaining the flexibility to keep ongoing costs such as maintenance low thereafter:

  • Build a proof of concept
  • Additions to existing systems
  • Integration with a new partner


Any system of value requires data connections to communicate with other systems

  • Integration advice and consulting
  • Integration design
  • Integration development
  • Integration as a service platform (IAAS)

Business analysis

Often overlooked, BA is the glue between your business and a successful technology solution. Understanding your business requirements, the business case for software and tech and how they’ll be applied

  • Project charters
  • Business requirements (sometimes still called BRDs)
  • Functional requirements
  • Use cases

Business process outsourcing

For companies with internal IT development resources that rely on technology, but may not have the experience or appetite to manage and evolve their system development capacities Management of resources under business-oriented service levels

System development management

The longer it takes for a system to be developed, the slower changes are made, and the greater the time required to maintain it. This can be fixed by

  • Correct process mapping and management
  • Documentation of systems
  • Collaborative exercises for better insight and increased productivity



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